Combat + Locomotion

In this test, I combined the locomotion system I had built for movement with a basic Raycast based combat system. Players summon their pistols by pressing the grip button, which feels natural. They can fire with one hand and run with the other, which allows for strafing. Finally, if users combine both controllers than they can sprint. Users health is represented by a gradually graying screen which turns completely gray when the user is at 0 health. Special shout out to Erik Z who produced a custom sound track for this and also did all the foley work/3D sound design in FMOD!



Natural Combat Motion

Natural Combat Motion was a weekend project that leveraged a system that my collaborator Tom Crane had written. Movement is facilitated by swinging your arms back and forth allowing players to move in VR without moving in the real world. Combat is driven by pushing your hands outwards to generate fireballs a la Dragon Ball Z. We used Unreal Engine, with a mix of C++ and Visual Scripting. I was responsible for the level design, enemy and AI, while Tom built out the locomotion and combat mechanics.



Comfort Mode VR

Comfort Mode VR is a way of moving seamlessly through the world with maximum comfort and minimal disruption to immersion. I was inspired by Google Earth VR's movement techniques. Players point their controllers in the direction they want to travel. FOV is reduced when players are moving, displaying a grid background world. I built the locomotion system in Unity using C#, CG/HLSL. The art assets are from the asset store, and the Oculus SDKs. 



Gaze Driven Movement

Gaze Driven Locomotion is an experiment on third person character movement based on HMD Gaze. Players look at a virtual game pad to control where the avatar moves. I wanted to explore novel movement mechanisms that VR supported, leaving the controllers open for other interaction schemas. It was built in Unity, using art and scenery from the Unity Asset Store. There is a pull request out to merge the source code in with VRTK, one of the most popular Open Source VR Utilities in Unity.



Bath Buddies GGJ '17

Bath Buddies was an ambitious Global Game Jam project that Jono Forbes, Quinton Hanifen, Erik Zamora, Alex Sink, Nicholas Coderre and I built over the course of the weekend.  It's an asymmetric VR tower defense game where a commander and the defender must coordinate in order to defend a rubber duck from evil pirate ships. The core tension comes from the commander and the defender having different views of the map. They need to rely on each other to know which weapons to use, and which tower to defend. I worked on the ai, enemy movement, level design, health and damage tracking system.



Character Creation

The character creation scene was an early project where I tested avatar customization. I imagined an avatar creation scene similar to The Sims. In the demo scene, users are able to see their reflection in the mirror, changing their appearance and seeing their hand and body motions map to the avatar's gestures. I built this demo using a mixture of Unity, FinalIK, and the Morph3d Avatar model package on the asset store.